Dena Huys

Dena Huys  (° 1989) is a professional fashion photographer based in Antwerp, Belgium. She grew up in Halle and discovered her love for photography at the age of 21, teaching herself everything there is to know. While living in Antwerp, Belgium’s city of fashion, Dena has worked with numerous influential clients in the world of fashion. These experiences have led to an impressive portfolio and an eager desire to grow even further.

Color, femininity and impeccable composition all contribute to Dena’s style and aesthetic, while she makes sure that a unique atmosphere accompanies her work at all times. Even though she has the ability to clearly express her style, Dena enjoys the challenge of sharing ideas and working together with a client on a photography project. As well as shooting campaigns with clients, Dena still organizes her own photography projects in order to experiment with her style and gain a better perspective on where she stands as a photographer.

Mathias Sourbron

Mathias Sourbron (° 1990) has been working since 2014 at Oi Mundo where he works as a passionate and multi-disciplinary casting director, known for Grond, Patser, Dealer, Cool Abdoul, Over Water, .. Mathias is a creative jack-of-all-trades with a passion for discovering talent and following it. He has also been working as a producer at Het Huys & Wajow Talent Factory, where he has produced numerous short films, documentaries, ..