Your Story Unfold


HET HUYS is a production company that focuses on photography, film & content creation. We create & produce from A to Z. Completely “Huys-made” and with loads of passion and love. We are more than just a building or a last name. Our philosophy is to unfold exciting, touching and adventurous stories for young and old.
We want to portray your story clearly and inspiringly. We want to help you tell your tale to the world. To find the right angle we work with a personal approach and go on a quest together to become the most awesome result. Het Huys is an inspiring place for all your creative needs. We go from casting to full production. A collab, a co-production, or something in between. We got you!
What do we make? Shootings for commercials, social media, scripted reality, fiction, music artworks, and editorials.

Always welcome for a coffee break! We love to hear your story.
See you around!


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