A half-brother and sister who barely know each other spend a weekend together for the first time.
Leti and Teddy are half-brother and sister but did not know of each other’s existence until recently. Leti is an art student living in digs in Brussels, while Teddy has been living in a youth institution all his life. When they first spend a weekend together, get to know each other better and try to strengthen their family ties, Teddy asks if he can come live with Leti.
Leti, a chaotic art student, has ended up at a barbershop party with her fellow students after a long day at school. They drink, smoke and dance. Leti unleashes her DJ skills on the turntable set up in the living room. She is having a carefree time until she gets a phone call. Teddy, her half-brother, is waiting outside the closed door of her dorm. Leti must confess that she has lost track of time and rushes to him.
Their first evening together proceeds with difficulty. Teddy and Leti are not sure how to behave with each other. So they decide to watch a movie. When they laugh at the same joke in the movie, the ice breaks for the first time. The next day, Leti is determined to give Teddy an unforgettable day. She gets to know him Brussels and he gratefully looks his way. Slowly the two grow closer and find that they have more in common that they had thought. But when they meet a good friend of Leti’s the atmosphere turns again. Teddy notices that the friend had no idea that Leti has a brother. He feels hurt and thinks Leti is ashamed of him. Leti desperately assures him otherwise.
When Teddy has calmed down a bit he lets slip that he reacted so emotionally because he had hoped that if this weekend went well, he could go live with Leti. Leti’s
heart breaks. Her brother looks at her hopefully. She tells him that’s not possible, that she’s not yet independent enough to take care of him. He tries to convince her, says he’ll cook for her and won’t be bothered by him. She has to be strict, it won’t work. Teddy is deeply disappointed. Leti tries to cheer him up but then the doorbell rings. The youth leader is at the door and comes to pick up Teddy. They say goodbye and Teddy leaves. Leti is left alone in her apartment, overcome with emotion.