GENRE : Youth, Coming of age

A series of 10 episodes (10′) follows four teenagers who struggle with their faith and the culture they grow up in, because the society they live in doesn’t allow them to do quite what they would like.`

Soraya, a 17-year-old Afghan Muslim girl has a super cute boyfriend, Cédric, who wants to go out with her, but also wants to invite her to his house. However, according to her religion and her parents, this is not possible. On the one hand she is very rebellious, it makes her rebel that she cannot do what her Flemish friends take for granted, on the other hand she loves her parents very much and the culture of the country they come from.

Selma is an 18-year-old Muslim woman of Moroccan descent who is deeply religious and at the same time a feminist. She has a single father who leaves her very free. She is super spontaneous and a friend of Soraya. She just doesn’t understand why Soraya is wasting her time on a guy who doesn’t seem to understand anything about Muslim culture. She would do things completely differently and warns her friend of the consequences of her choice. Selma has a strong personality and stands up for her own opinions and what is right.

Grace is a 16-year-old girl with Congolese roots and is a Protestant Christian. Her mom is terminally ill and her dad works very hard and never has time. She is James’ best friend and rather introverted.

James also has Congolese roots, is 16 and Protestant Christian. He has a nice relationship with his single mother, but struggles with himself because he is attracted to boys.

James is devastated because he has butterflies in his stomach when a handsome young pastor comes to speak at church. After all, in the community where he grows up, it’s natural for men to fall for women! What he feels for his heart friend, Grace, is completely different…. They have a lot of use for each other: for example, Grace can vent her heart to James when she spends yet another night alone with her sick mom. Grace tries to help her parents as much as she can and she also often prays to God to make her mother better, but her faith falters when nothing seems to help anymore…