GENRE :  Docu

Hugs & Hurricanes tells the story of seven fathers, each with a child with a disability. We get to see the lives of fathers raising their sons.

We are creating a documentary series that will consist of 8 episodes of 45′. We want to tell the stories of 7 fathers from different backgrounds, who each have a child with a disability. Our goal with this documentary series is not to make a medical reportage about disabilities, but warm family portraits focused on the special bond these fathers have with their special children. Each episode will focus on all the families so that the viewer gets an idea of the diversity as well as the similarities.

In recent years, several short reports and series have been broadcast about people with disabilities. Although these are all authentic programs with their own charm, there was less focus on the bond between a father and his child with a disability.

If we open the history books, it is noticeable that marginalizing or ostracizing persons with disabilities recurs in different periods. The purpose of this series is not only to seek recognition for this group of people but also to be a tool for creating a realistic image of fathers and male role models. The acceptance and attempt to create a different image and understanding of it of children with disabilities. This requires an alternative way of raising the children. We want to portray these situations in a cinematic way.
We are currently in the development phase of this project and try to find children in different age categories (4 to 6 years, 6 to 8 years, 8 to 10 years, 10 to 13 years, 13 to 16 years), to work together with various doctors, psychologists, remedial educationalists and schools to make this project as successful as possible. Each episode will highlight a different aspect of their lives. This project will be realized by Diëgo Nurse. A young director from Ghent who himself has ADHD and a child with Autism.