GENRE :  Comic, coming of age

A group of friends who call themselves ‘the Drarries’ of the neighborhood, have a lot of adventures in their favorite hangspot, the local youth center.

Drarries tells the story of a group of 5 friends living within the urban context of Antwerp, and the struggles they face in their daily lives, anno 2021, in post-corporate society. Each of them has his own background and struggles. Some of them have recently moved to the city and are still finding their way, others know the city like the back of their hand and grew up in the neighborhoods and streets of the city. As a fixed base they use the local youth house, where they meet every day to chill. They call themselves the “drarries” of the neighborhood. You could describe some of them as young, naive and ambitious. They want to accomplish a lot but they are nice and lazy. Because of the different personalities, the series is full of adventure, conflict, drama and hilarious situations. The local youth worker Ilias tries to support them with all their concerns and give them nudges in the right direction in their lives. He tries to give them opportunities, but above all to offer them a place where they can be themselves and develop their own identity to the fullest. Drarries’ will be a diverse series of young people with a lot of humor, a lot of satire and criticism of socially relevant themes, but above all an examination of how young people live in the year 2021, in a post-coronal society.